Businesses in need can apply for PA 30 Day Fund

BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — A fund to help local small businesses struggling during the pandemic is looking for new applicants.

It’s been going on for more than 6 months now, but the need in the community is still great, and with support from donors and businesses this organization still has more to give.

All of the money in the fund comes from community members.

“Our community has not only been able to provide, but there’s been overwhelming support from a variety of different aspects for this fund,” Jesse Ickes

PA 30 Day Fund, board Member, Jesse Ickes said the fund gives businesses struggling in Blair County a forgivable $3,000 grant.

From Blair County raising over $255,000, there is still $18,000 up for grabs.

PA 30 Day Fund, board member, Jesse Ickes, said small business owners might not know about this grant or feel they won’t have enough time to apply.

“Many of them are just so focused on trying to adhere to guidelines, follow the enforcements that’s taking place with PLCB and trying just to get the bare bones just to survive, from a survival standpoint,” Ickes said.

One owner from Shan Nicoles Irish pub, Marie Buffy, though she wouldn’t have enough time to apply.

“As long as it doesn’t take a long time where they need a ton of information, I think that’s kind of what deters people from applying to some stuff because they make the application process extremely long,” Ickes said.

Ickes said the application process is fast, easy, and online.

The only qualifications are that you have been in business for one year, are under 30 employees, and a resident of Pennsylvania.

Board members from the PA 30 Day Fund said the goal is to help return employees back to work.

A business owner wanting to apply can visit

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